Shark-WeekShark Week is airing this week and I’ve turned it on a few times.  I find the topic interesting but to have that amount of shows seemingly covering the same exact thing is boring.  Discovery Channel promotes it as the next coming of Christ but there is only one part that interests me, the sharks.

I don’t care about the guy who got attacked.  Or the new drone that will take footage of the coast.  Or the new device to measure.  All I want to see is a mega (+20 ft) shark…preferably fighting another mega shark.  I’m a simple guy with simple wants.

Now after traveling in the bayou of Louisiana this Spring, crocs are equally scary (they are even in the sky!).  View this picture of the bayou at night.


My fear of a shark is about equal to that of a croc. Both would be life threatening and I’d imagine death would become of me if I found my self in a compromising situation. Nature is big, bad, and evil and my #1 priority is survival. I told Jimmy survival was my life philosophy and he replied, “a profile of courage.” I couldn’t argue with that.