Full list here if you are interested.

floydmayweather1. Floyd Mayweather – $300m – His #1 ranking is why his nickname is money. For a guy who can’t read, he’s doing pretty well for himself. The earnings are obviously inflated because of the super fight with Pacquiao but Floyd still draws.  I’d be surprised if his outrageous bets are even included in this total figure.  Undefeated (48-0) and the self proclaimed best fighter ever, Floyd is worth his weight in gold.

espn_2009bww_192. Manny Pacquiao – $160m – Elected to the Congress of the Philippines, Manny is an ambassador to a country as well as an over the hill boxer.  He fell in to Floyd’s strategy perfectly which was to prolong the fight until Manny didn’t have that pop in his punch.  Either way I’m sure both fighters are happy and can live their lives with financial securtiy.  Manny will put his to good use while Floyd makes it rain at strip clubs.

Katy Perry3. Katy Perry – $135m – I’m a big Katy fan because I enjoy her total package.  Not only does she carry a slamming body but her message is positive through her songs.  With millions of Katycats around the world, she has plenty of support.   It’s been since 2013 since her last album but I suppose that’s because she’s so busy touring and earning that loot.

150413-news-one-direction4. One Direction – 130m – I have no idea where to begin with this one.  Zane left the band?  Harry is back with Taylor Swift?  Justin just broke up with Britney?  The only member of One Direction I’ve even heard of is Harry Styles and the only song I know is Story of My Life.  This band is playing to a demographic that I am out of touch with and I’m ok with that.  Goes to show that boy bands will never die.

5. Howard Stern – $95m – I listen to Howard as often as I can because his show has developed into the best show on radio.  He’s finally shed the “shock jock” persona and is now being regarded as a world class interviewer.  His America’s Got Talent contract is also boosting this total and likened his appeal as a regular guy.

Garth-Brooks6. Garth Brooks – $90m – I’VE GOT FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES!!!!  It’s the only anything I know about Garth Brooks.  Apparently he’s sold over 68 million albums which is a pretty big number and continues to land you on a list of the 10 wealthiest celebs.  I don’t think all people like country but the one’s who do REALLY love country.  I hate when I’m at a place that is blasting country and I’m the only idiot who doesn’t know the words.  Totally feel out of place.

A-James-Patterson-double-scoop-at-bookstores-9C69G92-x-large7. James Patterson – $89m – The man behind Alex Cross.  I’ve read a few Patterson books and never come away feeling fulfilled.  They are quick reads that he cranks out in his sleep.  After I read a book called Toys, I never read another one.  Being an author is all about name recognition which happens when you get notoriety for a particular book.  Then you build off of that success.   He’s written 95 books.  That’s a shit ton.  Not everyone will be a winner but more books = more sales.

8.  Robert Downey – $80m – He wasn’t always Iron Man considering this line to judge after a hearing for drug use, “It’s like I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal.”  Downey’s career started young with being a secondary member of the John Hughes “Brat Pack”.   In 2004, Downey got sober and in 2008 his career made a huge resurgence with Tropic Thunder and Iron Man.  He hasn’t looked back and charts the list as 2015’s highest paid actor.

taylor-swift-2014-sarah-barlow-billboard-6509. Taylor Swift – $80m – T Swift is hot as can be right now.   Her feud with Katy Perry has established “Bad Blood” and now the world watches her every move.  Her concerts are insta-sell outs and her performances are top notch.  Her transition from country to pop was seamless and her fans didn’t even complain that much.  The world is now shaking it off and Taylor is a global phenomenon.

Ronaldo10.  Cristiano Ronaldo – $79.5m – Soccer is a global sport and Ronaldo is the top player.  Often compared with Messi (#13) as the game’s best, his 45 goals were 2 more this season (La Liga) to take the crown as scoring champ.    I’ve only recently started watching soccer and it’s clear that he is an unbelievable  talent and earns every bit of his contract.  Plus he is ridiculously good looking which makes all the ladies swoon.