Clever title.  If you’ve seen Eastbound Down and Out you’ll appreciate it.  It’s not 100% accurate because the run I’m referring to was an out and back, not a down and out but it’s close enough.  The out part is clever because that’s what happened to me.  What you don’t do on an out and back is die on the way out.  Dying is a runners term for hitting the wall.  Hitting the wall is a runners term for being too tired to function properly.  Anyway, I was doing this 12 mile run, 6 each way and I did the first 6 perfectly fine.  Probably at a 6:30 pace or so.  Problem was the going back didn’t go to plan.  I did about 1 mile of the last 6 and it was all over.  I think my fastest time doing this particular run was 1:23 and change.  I ran the first 6 in 39:30.  Finished in 1:25 and that isn’t even including the 2 water breaks I took on the way back.  I was like the Jackson Browne song Running on Empty which I’ve actually grown to really like.  Nevertheless, I finished it without injury and will do better next time.

I was bored yesterday and went to to watch an old family guy or something but I’d seen them all and came across a show called Glee.  I had no idea what I was about to watch but I thought I read something saying it was decent.  It was set in a high school and there’s a teacher who becomes the head of the Glee Club.  By the way, his wife is really hot but she’s a complete bitch but does some good acting.  I can tell its not going to be a really funny series but it has some potential because the characters seem pretty well developed.  For being about something stupid like the Glee club I thought the show was above average.  I watched only the Pilot and the series is coming out fall of 09 but it’s worth a watch if you have 45 minutes to kill.  New good TV is coming out too with Weeds, True Blood, and hopefully Californication but I haven’t seen any ads for it yet.

I’ll leave 3 songs that aren’t necessarily new but good.

Black Heart Inertia – Incubus

Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

This Town – OAR (how old is this?)