fryIn my never ending quest to get blog traffic, I posted my Best Albums of the 90’s on Reddit. Reddit is a smart site with tons of traffic so I was pretty happy that I got a comment from a human being who wasn’t my friend to give actual critique of the blog.  Here is what he wrote:

Neat blog. Some comments/criticism:
1) I like some of the picks on the list, but I wish you went more in-depth about the music and why you like it so much, the biggest example being Nevermind, where you spent just as much time talking about a documentary on Kurt as you did talking about the actual music. That’s one of the several examples where you went off-topic, something I feel is just too important to ignore.
2) Your writing style is, for the most part, basic and limited to simple sentences. This is by no means a bad thing, but it’s something I recommend you work on.
3) “I’m sort of cheating on this album because I never listened to it in its entirety.” Why put the Smashing Pumpkins on the list, then? Better yet, why make a list of best albums if you blatantly acknowledged the fact that you have never fully listened to all of these albums? This, combined with the fact that nearly all of the top tracks are lead singles, leads me to assume that you didn’t put much thought into your picks.
I like the idea of your blog, I really do, and it’s enjoyable enough to read. However, there’s a ton of things you can do to improve your blog and make it even more pleasing to read. I hope you, as a fellow critic, will be able to acknowledge my criticism properly. 🙂


forever-alone-meme-00017He’s right.  If I was really trying to make this a good post, I could have enhanced it by integrating some of the points he made.  More reasons why I like the music.  Improving my writing, which I know is not my strong suit, but aside from taking writing classes, I’m sort of stuck with what I got.  The final point is hard to understand because it’s not like I ever make a post with the understanding that it’s going to be read by, well, anyone.  As I read this now it seems ridiculous to post music of albums I’ve never even heard but at the time of writing it, I didn’t even think twice.  This is all good stuff though and I figured I’d share a critique of my work by an objective source.