I’m stealing this directly from Reddit but will make an attempt at enhancing it with my own comments.  It’s a list of the saddest Internet searches.


goldengatebridgeHow to suicide if you’re on a budget?
I’m pretty sure I couldn’t kill myself if I wanted to. The threat of failing would immediately take it out of play. My answer to this would have to be jump from a pretty high place. I’d like to think overdose would be the least painful way but that wouldn’t be done on a budget. Just imagine you jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and on impact you didn’t get killed but only paralyzed severely and then your limp body just floated on the top.

cute-cat[1]How many cats can I legally own?
This question has to be made by women who need a relief from their husbands or have no significant other. I’ve personally seen a cat litter grow and it can spiral out of control quickly. Spay and neuter your pets. I’d guess the answer is as long as you can feed them.

Sad-forever-alone-face-only-lHow to make friends
You’re doing it wrong should be the first response. Get away from the computer. I’ll be the first to say that making friends isn’t easy but it’s not really that hard either. Sign up for a class. Participate in the sport. Do something. Anything.

Is mommy in heaven?
No. She’s dead.  At what age are kid’s using the internet nowadays?  I feel like by the time you’re 5 you understand life and death.  Now I haven’t hung out with many 5 year old’s so it may be 10 or something.

Oprah Winfrey nude
Yikes. I know there are some crazy fetishes but the rich, powerful, big, black female fetish wouldn’t be mine.

nickelback-fansNickelback live 2015
I understand why people don’t like Nickelback. They feel the songs all sound the same and they reach monumental success by not being very talented. Deal with it. I however would have no interest in seeing them in concert. If this picture is any indication, I don’t hang out with a lot of Nickelback fans.

How to bury my dog if I live in apartment with no yard.
This is actually worth Googling. I have no idea.