I went out to dinner tonight with my mom, sister, and her boyfriend. We went in the city to a place called fish, foul, beef, pork or something like that. I thought the place was sortof hipsterish and I just always prefer female waitresses to males, which was not the case. I had a decent beer called a dock side IPA and ordered the chicken. My meal was fine but my sister ordered some beet salad and my mom had the scallops and both portions were insanely tiny for the price. My mom does her best not to complain but I know a rip off when I see one. Sometimes I think I just prefer Wendy’s over an 18 dollar piece of chicken. I guess it would be a little odd though to have a sit down dinner with your family at Wendy’s.

I finished the book about the girl with the dragon tattoo and I’ll go ahead and read the second one of the series. The characters were well developed and after spending the past week getting to know them, it seems like an injustice not to finish the series. It’s fairly easy reading though so I don’t really mind spending the effort for the discounted entertainment. Am I unaware of this books popularity or is this new?

I’ve been having to shave more often as I’ve gotten older. It’s pretty annoying but I’m lucky not to have any dress code at work. The fact that girls have to shave their legs all the time seems like quite a bit of work and I’m happy to be a male. Do girls ever have to shave their face? I got a haircut on Saturday and I’m pretty pleased with the barber’s job. He didn’t use scissors at any point of the haircut and everything is balanced and short. I feel pretty stupid giving him 20 bucks for it though because it took 10 minutes and anyone who is taught how to use a razor could do it. I just think it’s weird that whenever you look in the mirror it’s always the same person staring back at you. You live on Earth for a pretty long time so you get to experiment with whatever look you want. For whatever reason the shaven, clean cut look is just me. I’ve tried a goatee before but it looks absurd and is always a hassle to shave off. I feel like I was just born pretty conservative, not flashy and pretty much just keep the attention off me by looking at normal as possible. To be completely honest I’m just sitting here writing random thoughts that come to my head because I didn’t have any topic to write about and I feel bad when people at work go to this site and see old material. There’s such a let down feeling and you wonder why the creator doesn’t care enough to even write down nonsense to keep you entertained for a mere two minutes. I understand completely and do my best to appease my readers with drivel and gibberish.

I feel like it’s the summer now and people are going down the shore and going on vacations. I wasted my time at the end of June and beginning of July so I’m running the Philly route for a while now. No days off, no nothing but work on the weekdays and play on the weekends. I have the urge to start going to the bar on weekdays so I’ll enact that starting tomorrow. I still have to put in my running for the days but after that, It’s hammertime. I know this entry has been mindless and pointless and I’m sorry I have nothing better to write about but it’s not easy to think of good topics day in and day out. Just know that I appreciate you visiting my site and I hope this kills part of the boredom of the monotonous 9-5.