I was 4th overall in the mud run out of almost 1500 people which wasn’t too shabby. I fell asleep after the run and then went golfing with Bake, the Wagon and the Shee. Bake blew the course (and competition) away with an 82. I finished with a 91 which wasn’t awful but I was killing myself off the tee with good drives coming far and few between. It was a good, fun round though that completed my non alcohol weekend.

I also watched True Blood and Entourage tonight as well to fit all my TV time in tonight. Jkash and I both agree that the show has lost it’s luster. I’m not sure how anyone else feels, but Turtle is not a lead storyline and should be used as a supporting actor. Drama’s shtick is getting old as it’s the same thing of him looking for work every season. They are stretching some plot lines with Vince but he’s not the problem. I like the Lizzie and Ari storyline but I think that’s just because it’s Ari and Jeremy Piven is a really good actor. They seem to think that a few cameos makes the show. Wake up HBO, people actually prefer good television to seeing a few celebrities.

I find True Blood to be one of the best shows on television. Since it’s not only humans they can use some pretty far out story lines. Plus they jump around a lot among the different side plots and I find them all entertaining and I like how they intertwine together. Not one character annoys me on the show, except Arlene and Hoyt, but everyone else does a good job of playing their role. I think Franklin is hilarious and Russell, the king vampire, piques my interest. All in all just a very good show.

The Ochocinco show is an absolute programming gem. This is by no means a good show but the entertainment value is sky high. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you watch it but I’m just going to point out some of the finer moments. The one girl can’t get her dress to zip up and she blames it on eating too many hotdogs during the tail gate. So she says something to the effect “maybe I should take it off and move the zipper up and down to loosen it up, try some oil.” Yeah, that’ll work. In the next scene her friend is telling her to eat all her food on the date because her competition said she was going to eat like a bird. I’m pretty sure the girl who couldn’t get her zipper up isn’t keen on the idea of pigging out at dinner to prove to Ocho that she eats like a normal person. The next great moment came when they flashed the name Heather when Angela was talking which makes me wonder if the editors are even watching what they are doing. After pointing out that TO used “interesting” last week, Ocho must have said it 10 times this episode. Finally, the producers must be ripping their hair out that Ocho eliminated the most smoking, hot girl for a beast of a woman. I honestly think he ruined the rest of the show because he’s not going to choose Jasmine at the end so why get rid of a person who can potentially grow on you (and I thought had a decent personality). I know it’s probably all scripted too but I’m amused. Ocho seems to pause and talk so slowly when he’s in the camera room that he must be reading off of cue cards or something. Vh1 does it right.

It’s 1am now and I want to finish the “girl with the dragon tattoo” tonight. People tell me they see mostly girls reading I’m pretty sure it’s a chick book but I think it’s very well done. It’s a murder mystery by the way in case you thought it was some love story. I have about a hundred pages left and I like the attention to details and how its played out so far. If you are looking for a good read, I will approve of this book, even if it is for chicks.