No this is me in a nutshell!

I’ve had a pretty normal week but this post will use bullet format to describe a few of the highlights.

    • Bowling-trick-shotOn Wednesday night my first bowling league concluded.  Our team finished with a 13-27 record which was good for last place in the league.  I used JC’s 16lb ball for the very first time in this league and rolled a 237 my very first game.  Easy game.  My average started out at 190 after the first 3 games and finished at 150 after a league’s worth of games.  I sprinkled in a 247 as well which was good for high score of the entire league.  It won me $100 bucks.  It should be noted that in a handicapped league, scores like these are horrible because even though you win the game most of the time, you screw yourself for games after due to the raised average.  I am partly why our team finished last.
    • His was better than mine.

      His was better than mine.

      Last night we played in the championship game in our rec bball league.  We were tied at halftime and lost by 20.  My top play was when Evan was backpedaling and the back of his head collided into my forehead.  Our team must have had 30 turnovers.  I also went 0-4 from the foul line.  It was humiliating.  I feel like a worse version of DeAndre Jordan.

    • Dillion Harper, a pornstar, favorited my tweet.  I’m not sure how she pronounces her name.  Is it Dill-E-on?  Or is it Dylan?   She’s hot.
Dillion Harper and Seth MacFarlane

Dillion Harper and Seth MacFarlane