Of course the best blog in the world has nothing more than text as its first impression.

Of course the best blog in the world has nothing more than text as its first impression.

Gourlay’s blog returns and my life is once again complete.

Not so much actually.  My life has been a whirlwind of activity that I can’t even keep hold of.  I have so many activities planned that I’m in need of a planner.  At no other time in my life have I felt the need of a daily planner but I think I’ve reached full adult.

picard_ashamedIn complete display of being an idiot, I double booked a weekend with two trips.  6 months ago I committed to an annual team relay from Gettysburg to DC (last year’s write up).   Without realizing it, I also told Adam and Evan that I’d go to Punta Cana on the same weekend.  The latter trip was booked on Friday and I felt sick to my stomach on Monday once I realized what I did.  What to do…

air-fees-color-webI knew I could back out of the AOR but it would have been the wrong choice as a responsible human being.  I ended up calling Expedia and getting a full refund on the hotel no problem but I had to incur $300 of fees to get vouchers to American Airline.  They wanted to charge $600 but it was a “courtesy” for me being an idiot.  How airlines make money 101.

I wish it ended there.  I have a bowling league on Wednesday and a basketball league on Thursday.  This Wednesday there is an AOR meeting which I have to choose between and then I have a trip to Baltimore for work related business that will have me missing basketball.

Not to mention that the new Stortz website launched today and it is accompanied with ordering issues and failing re-directs all over the place.   I’m thinking of walking in the Duplicator:

Calvin and Hobbes Duplicator

I’m sort of a fly by night kind of guy where I make plans and then just make it happen. Lately though this isn’t possible because I’m learning that different locations make regular events problematic. Without a doubt I’ve been traveling more lately and it does involve some lifestyle alterations. All is good though now that Goodies is back. Whew!