What I’ve learned about league play is that it’s all about the handicap.  Whether golf, bowling, or any other sport that involves an attempt at fairness, your handicap determines how useful you are.  I was not last night.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Coming into Wednesday night I was 3rd in the league in average and held the #1 and #2 top score.  This is extremely deceptive as aside from the 2 high games (238 & 247), I didn’t break 140.  That being said, my high game didn’t come last night.

We were giving up 100 pins to a team from Camp Jewbec and I’ve learned in situations like this the better bowlers will usually prevail if they can bowl close to their averages.  I rolled a 118 the first game.  A 125 the second.  A 135 the 3rd.  My 164 average killed the team as we ended up losing all 3 games.

bowlingThe feeling is horrible because without pointing any fingers, I’m the main culprit for losing.  The lanes are such that they have so much oil on them that my ball tends to skirt right through the initial 40 feet of oil right into the gutter.  This means that I have to start adjusting and once that happens, the game becomes a bit of a crapshoot.  No excuses.

The only benefit is that my average will start to even out for the next game and we should start to see a fairer game being we are giving less pins or actually getting pins.  Thumbs up to Dan for bowling good games despite our pedestrian performance.