I’m not pulling a Gourlay, don’t worry.  I haven’t posted in almost a week and this was mainly because I was in New Orleans for Ed’s bachelor party from Wednesday to Sunday.  I have a pending story that I want to share but it’s still, well, pending.  Nothing seriously bad happened physically but there were some financial shenanigans that I’ll go into once they are cleared up. I also felt like death yesterday and coming out of it today.

labayou2A part of the trip that I can describe was canoeing through the bayou True Detective-esque.  A group of about 12 guys went into the canoes like you see to the right and paddled for about 2 miles out to a lake.  The decision to paddle all the way to the lake was questioned but it was worth it.  On the outskirts of the swamp you could see alligators and there was definitely a feeling of uneasiness because you are so vulnerable in the canoe.  I should also add it was quite tiring and a good shoulder workout.  The coveted view of the lake below.