head-cold1The first day I got back from New Orleans I felt fine. I stayed in on Friday night and when I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt a tickle in my throat. I hate getting sick so I bought some cough drops and took it (relatively) easy on a Saturday night. Sunday came and went and I felt under the weather. Monday I went full out head cold with a runny nose that wouldn’t stop running. Today has been more of the same. Even though I don’t feel sick, I can tell my brain isn’t functioning 100%.

A few minutes ago I had a 26 minute conversation with a customer in Calgary. It went like this:

Customer: I can’t decide between your standard and heavy duty slate ripper.
Me: I’ll make it easy on you, we are out of stock on the heavy duty.
C: But will the standard model break? I’m going to be hitting it with a hammer.
M: It won’t break. It’s a one piece forging.
C: But I’m going to be hitting it with a hammer.
M: It won’t break.
C: What about a sledge hammer?
M: It won’t break.
C: How can you be so certain?
M: Because I’ve sold 1,000’s of them and they don’t break.
C: But I’m going to be hitting with a hammer.
M: I’m going to hit you over the head with hammer.

coldI added a little bit of drama and I didn’t really say the last line but I feel like situations like this happen and I can’t tell if it’s him or me. Like if I didn’t have a head cold would I have wrapped this up in 2 minutes. I tend to think not but who the hell knows.