BowlingLanes_CosmicLights_ForWeb3 bowling posts in a row.   My life is in the gutter.   It was especially difficult getting out of bed today.  It’s President’s day and many people are off and it’s 4 degrees out and my bed is nice and toasty.  Shit.

After coming off a historic game and people saying I wouldn’t touch that score for the rest of my life, I wasn’t buying it.  If I could do it bowling on my 4th time of the year, I was pretty certain I could eclipse the mark set.

The Cohen’s and myself headed to Facenda Whitaker for 9pm bowling.  The special was dirt cheap at 10 bucks for 3 hours of unlimited bowling.  The Shee and I were teammates vs Weens and the Wevs.  I decided on a name change to Big Ern from the Dude.

jbelamonteWe got our clocks cleaned for the first 5 games.  My magic was nowhere to be found and Shee was lost on the lanes.  Big Wevs was rolling heat and Jordan Belmonte was no slouch.  With our team down 30 bucks, we decided to let it roll.

We opened the game behind but nothing insurmountable.  The game drew close to even in the 8th frame.  I could have created separation but split in the 8th.  I split again in the 9th and it was looking grim.  After not splitting all night, Evan split the 9th.   Wads and myself both got 20 pins in the tenth and Evan needed a mark and some pins to close it.  Another huge split and the crowd was stunned.  The underdogs overcame the odds to break even in the slickest hustle of all time.

I also used Adam’s pick on the West All Stars and increased my gambling account to over 1k.  I had wins with the Wildcats and the Terrapins on Saturday night for a nice boost.