Bill-Belichick-gatorade-620x400This was my pride and joy bet on Super Bowl Sunday. Other sites seem to say that it should have been 15/2 so I feel a bit jipped but either way I can’t complain.

My other prop bets didn’t fare so hot. I had Julian Edleman to score the first TD and LeGarrette Blount to score at some point in the game. For some inexplicable reason I wasn’t paid off on the name Katy Perry being mentioned more than 2 times before halftime. I also won the mention of deflated balls under 3. My $150 on the Patriots was correct. All in all I broke close to even coming out on top a little bit.

It also wouldn’t be fair not to mention bowling with Bud and the Shee on Sunday. Lane conditions weren’t as strong as they were at Facenda last week and scores reflected it. The Shee beat me by 2 total pins when I double guttered the 9th frame for reasons unknown. It definitely wasn’t the 2nd pitcher I drank. Mention to Bud’s left handed shot which was used about a dozen times on that sticky 10 pin.

Sitting here on a Monday at work feels like torture. This day sucks.