"You are a punk bitch"

“You are a punk bitch”

This is one of those posts that I write where I’m not complaining or losing.  I was effectively sober the entire weekend. It led me to go 2-0 in the football games for a profit of $387.  This gives me $687 dollars to bet on the Super Bowl.

$587 of this money is profit.  This is what I intend to spend on the Super Bowl.  The Patriots are playing the Seahawks and I think it could be the easiest game to pick out of any of the playoffs.  Richard Sherman has a broken arm and Brady and crew looked the good sick.  Seattle barely squeaked out a win and has to be asking some questions.  The mistake of Brandon Bostick, who is on suicide watch, nursed them into the Super Bowl.  The Patriots are thirsty for the ring.  Easy game.

Did me being effectively sober the entire weekend have something to do with this outcome?  More often than not I’m nursing hangovers and whining about poor bets so I suppose there is some possibility.  I have much to write about forthcoming but for now we’ll leave on a high note.