Here is a picture of a celebrity. Can you guess who?

Celeb Blur

Easy right? Pat yourself on the back. Now can you guess this different female celebrity?

Celeb Blur 2

I’d guess 95% of you couldn’t. Not only is the celeb more obscure (she was on 24) but I blurred her 5 more points.

You probably felt good knowing who 1 was and then thought the second one was stupid or a waste of time. PEOPLE LIKE TO FEEL SMART.  Most of us don’t want to be challenged. Now the feeling of accomplishment for something difficult is far greater than an easier task. So if you got my 2nd picture, you’d be asking for a 3rd picture of someone even harder.  This is the new interactive world.


The Interactive Experience

A long time ago, pre internet, advertising was mainly get your name and product available and people would buy it.  There just weren’t that many alternatives and information was scarce.  Now, everyone has the internet at their fingertips and just because you put a product in their face doesn’t mean they will by it.  Today’s world involves CHALLENGING and INTERACTING.

This idea relates to the first part of this post because interacting and testing a person is the best way to connect.  Money is secondary.

ciaHere is an example of first class interaction to achieve perfect harmony.  Did you know that the CIA tweets out codes as recruiting methods?  They will tweet difficult puzzles and the people who break them get the information to join.

This is much different from interviewing potential recruits because the test is the interview process.  This an updated method in the new world.  The people on the other end are feeling tested and get the sense of accomplishment when the code is broken.  It’s almost tricking them into joining a department they would otherwise never attempt.  It’s magic though because it aligns both parties without the old fashioned “job interview” because the recruit is immediately qualified AND INTERESTED.

Practically every line of work has to do with interacting with people.  Asking yourself how do I connect with the people I’m involved with should be your #1 question.  Challenge them.  Educate them.  Play with them.  Don’t sell them.

Write who this is in the comment section and the first person who answers correctly I will write a check to them for $100 dollars.  Reverse image search won’t work.