In a not so bizarre series of events, I decided to decline a 4th of July weekend trip to the shore and instead visit my parents and sit inside and watch TV. I am not a machine and these past two weeks have taken their toll on my body. My self diagnosis was dehydration from too much alcohol and it has made me feel pretty awful these past two days and I’ve literally drank water after water until this thirsty feeling in my mouth has gone away. When you’re piss is goldenrod and you can’t eat anything, these is sure signs of dehydration. The obvious question is can’t you just go to shore and have a fun time sober? Unfortunately, no. I just spent two straight weeks down at shores and I’m shored out. This was mandatory recovery time that I’m actually relieved to finally have.

I’ve decided to start the series Party Down which airs on Starz only to be informed by Wikipedia that the series is now canceled. I still find the episodes entertaining and I have till the 8th to finish the last few episodes. It’s funny to see Henry’s character act so mellow compared to Derek in StepBrothers. I couldn’t place the girl Casey but when I Wikipedia’d her and remember I saw her in Mean Girls and then the one that hit me was that she was the incredibly hot girl in True Blood who was naked all the time and banging Jason. I think each one of the cast is colorful and so far I find the show the best comedy on a pay-station next to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I’ve wrote this before but I watch things that popular culture like to watch so I can be in tune with what’s going on and also just to know what the masses find amusing. I watched the 2nd Twilight and was moderately surprised of the awful reviews it got on RottenTomato and that’s not because I thought it was that good. I found the 2nd movie to be much more hokey then the first. I think I liked the first 90 minutes of the first one because it was something different. Then in the 2nd the werewolves got involved and there were some dumb chase scenes and some more dumb scenes with the uber vampires and then another dumb scene with the ending and I sort of see where people get turned off by it. I’m not really sure where or why my interest waned but whereas I thought the dialogue was sometimes witty in the first, I found it to be to lovey dovey in the 2nd. I would guess that the books come off better.