Wagon and I played a round of golf in under 3 hours. I was 91 and he was 92. We have some minor controversy because my ball on hole 5 got buried in the sand trap and I dislodged it without taking a stroke. I drove the ball awesome all day though and should have been in the mid 80’s but I made a few mistakes on holes 9-12. I was 42 on the front and then hit a perfect 3 iron on 10 but ended with an 8 on the card because I over hit the green and it hit the cart path and landed 40 yards past the green. The bottom line is that I’m crushing the ball and am playing the best golf of the season so far.

We had a really nice dinner at a place in Avalon called the Rock and Chair. 9 of us went and we did it as a minor celebration for the Wagon’s birthday. I ordered a king cut of prime rib and it was dynamite. We capped the dinner off with some car bombs that the Wagon moronically declined. We ended up going to the Princeton which was decent for a Wednesday night. So far everything has been going well and I’ve had no mistakes. I went for a run today and after I finished I had sweat being trapped in bubbles on my skin. I’m peeling completely at this point so I look a bit like a mutant but it will get better in no time.

We still haven’t caught a fish but today is going to be the day. We didn’t go on the Ms Avalon because they don’t get enough people for the 1pm trip and we don’t wake up early enough for the 8am. This vacation is coming to a close because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 12:30 that I have to attend. Days go by really fast down here when you have nothing to do.