So I ended up in Jeff and Mael’s friends swimming pool last night in my boxers. We went to the Princeton which is much more low key on a Monday night. Catchphrase was a hit pre-bar. I was under control again which is becoming probably my longest streak of non-blackout nights in ages. I’m also well aware that these sentences aren’t at all relevant to one another. We are going on a boat in about one hour to go fishing where we are guaranteed to catch something. We had planned to go golfing early this morning but that never happened because I woke up at 10am. I’m still looking like a lobster and the sun burn is killing my shoulders so that makes normal activities difficult. Chad’s birthday is on Thursday so tomorrow night should be off the hook. Which means that tonight will hopefully be mild but I make no guarantees. It’s already Tuesday and the week is coming and going fast. I’ll have a Ms. Avalon update tomorrow but other than that not too much is going on. I’m also learning how to dougie.