Sometimes something happens and you just throw it off to coincidence.  Like yeah that was unbelievable that events occurred as precisely as they did but sometimes there is just no explanation.  Today I woke up and I usually do the same thing every morning.  I get out of bed, throw on jeans and other essentials, and then go to the bathroom.  No matter what I always have to take a piss in the morning.  Today I also had to shit.  So being in the morning haze I start to shit and then realize there isn’t a full roll of toilet paper.  Fortunately I had a couple of extra 96% rolls complete lying around that I was too lazy to throw out.  So the saying pops in my head “another tricky day” and then I think of The Who song.  I wound up having enough tp and then I got in my car and started out the driveway.  Amazingly, literally not even before I was out of the driveway I put on channel 49 Classic Rewind and guess what song is playing?  Another Tricky Day.

The chance of me having to take a shit in the morning is like 5%.  The chance of me thinking about The Who song Another Tricky Day has to be a couple of times a year.  And then for it to actually play on the radio soon after I thought about it is just uncomprehendable (this is saying it’s not a word or not spelled right but I disagree).  People believe in god to make them fall in love or to save people’s lives.  I don’t really believe in god except for the fact that he’ll play random songs that I think about on the radio.  I cannot fathom any other explanation how that happened today.

And just an edit to my 10 hottest girl posts.  I would like to replace Carrie Underwood with Elisha Cuthbert.  I was watching 24 last night and she deserves a spot.   If they replaced Jack with Kim as the star I would have watched the full season.  I’m over Jack.  I’m bored of his constant grimaces like he has a nervous tick or something.  Everything is so dramatic with his speaking.  I was hoping Kim would have to whip out her boobs to save Jack’s life.  Seems plausible to me as everyman would want to wake up for that.