I recently got a blackberry storm that I got from Verizon for 150 bucks.  They even gave in to letting me out of my contract four months early (still had to renew though) and getting it for the sale price which was a moral victory.  First impression, too confusing.  I found the touch screen to be hard to use (you need ant fingers like Evan would say) and the calling feature annoying.  After a couple of days I’ve gotten used to typing and working the phone although I’m a far cry from efficient.  I still seem to misclick the screen which leads to time wasting.   I think these blackberries are for people who want to feel important.  I now can get my emails from my phone but honestly I’m not married to my email and I don’t feel the need to be answering emails the second they come in.  The internet seems unbelievably slow and a complete waste of time but could come in handy in a bind.  I don’t need all the bells and whistles but I do find the phone an upgrade once I get used to using it.  My guess is it is something that grows on you but now I can at least say I’m part of the cult that is the crackberry.  The video feature is cool and the camera is a nice addition.

Facebook has been around for quite a while now.  I think I opened an account about senior year of college and it’s evolving into its mature state.  I probably use it more than I should but I’m certainly not an addict to it.  I don’t have a camera so I don’t put up pictures and I really don’t like people taking pictures of me when I’m hammered, which are predominantly my pictures on facebook.  So there is really no point of me ever signing on facebook other than to view people I haven’t been in touch with in ages.  I try to never use the chat which bugs me out for some reason.  Anytime I do sign on, what tends to happen is I click on a picture of someone and the picture will be part of someone elses album.  Then I just start clicking the picture which makes me slideshow through some random person’s album and after about 10 clicks I’m viewing pictures of Jane Doe’s honeymoon saying wtf am I looking at.  I’m actually predicting the death of facebook shortly, I wouldn’t miss it.

Moving on to another thing I hope dies shortly.  Twittering.  I really hope this twitter mania stops abruptly.  Hopefully scientists discover that twittering leads to instant death.  There shouldn’t be this infatuation with other people’s lives.  Paris Hilton’s twitter is something like (I know because I heard it on Howard Stern) “Going to the Britney concert, shopping for handbags, going to sleep with my bf).  Honestly, WHO FUCKING CARES?  People are so bored with their own lives that they get excitement living vicariously through the dumbest fucking people.  If I had a twitter this is what I’d write, “Grabbing a beer, then taking a shit while I think about how many retarded people want to know what I’m doing.”  My life is just as boring as yours and I have no interest thinking about what someone else is doing so that I hope I could be doing it too.  If you want people to follow you around because it makes you feel special than I guess twittering is useful.  I suppose it’s because “tweets” are live and up to the minute so there is a usefulness to being up to date but in my opinion nothing is that important unless someone is tweeting that they are going to die.  Maybe i’m missing something.