I was digging up some posts from 2010 and there are a few gems from that time period. I was living life far more carelessly than I am today. JKash was in practically every post and now the guy is settled down with a baby. Time flies.

I’m going to share a few of the better excerpts that I came across and I’m sure there are some people who didn’t read the blog back then so it will be like new.

woman-slapping-man“I always had a good impression of females, but tonight I’ve changed my tone. I was talking to a lady who went to Villanova and she was a nice girl. We talked for a couple minutes and then she asked to feel my muscle. I’m certainly not the biggest guy but after she felt it she backed away. I said what’s wrong and she gave no comment, so I called her shallow. She negotiated with her friend for a minute and then she slapped me across the face.” I didn’t finish that post but Jkash basically defended the shit out of me by pointing in her face and telling her what’s up.


Old Pictures

This was me in Home Depot buying wood to make a beer pong table. Notice the sandals and socks that I so vehemently degraded in a post a few weeks ago.


Passed out on the couch. This was a Mad River afternoon bash that I got hammered at. I believe I said I needed help on the medical front. Notice the cargo shorts which I so vehemently degraded in a post a few weeks ago.

I honestly completely forgot about this picture. Sam this is a warning to you. This was an injury coming back from the bars in Manayunk.

This song by the Shee followed:
I was bruised and battered I couldn’t tell what I felt
I was running home all by myself
I saw my reflection in the snow bank, didn’t know my own face
Wagon why did you leave me alone in the place
On the streets of Philadelphia

I limped up Green Lane til my legs felt like stone
I heard voices of roommates vanished and gone
Come morning I saw blood all over my head
Guess I’m lucky I didn’t end up dead
On the streets of Philadelphia

Aint no angel gonna greet me
It’s just booze and I my friend
My shoes must not fit me no more
I ran all the way home, just to slip and fall…

This video preceded the fall. To think there was nothing coming in the future after these type of nights.