This picture…


Led to this top rated comment from 4chan.

 I wonder if she knows that everyone in the world wants to fuck her.


She has to.

Like she wakes up in the morning, look in the mirror and goes, “Fuck.  Everybody in the world wants to fuck me.”  She eats her fucking waffles, just staring at the waffles thinking, “Fuck.  Everybody in world wants to fuck me.”  The waffle quietly stares back.  The waffle would fuck the shit out of her.  

Then she exercises to keep that ass tight.  She knows everybody is watching her on that treadmill.  Staring at her ass.  Even the waffle is watching.

He’ll have his day.


I was shaking my head up and down while I was reading.  I bet she doesn’t exercise around normal people or use a treadmill.