I’ve threatened to quit before because of lack of material but this time it’s because it’s time for something different.  The blog did not amount to what I think it should.  Gourlay’s quitting wasn’t the reason for this, merely a catalyst.


The email below was sent to Sam and Gourlay about a future project (although I’ll take whoever would be interested in helping):

With Gourlay’s departure from blogging, I think it’s time to rejuvenate the blogging scene.  We all know that no one cares about an individual blog except the people who know that person.  Considering our social network is about 100 people, we can’t expect unknown people to read our stuff.  It’s time to join forces and create something with a purpose.  Here is our current position (I’m going to assume Gourlay is a part of this even though he decided to quit.  I’d like to think you quit because you didn’t feel like doing nothing which is the current status of the blogs, not because you didn’t like it.)

Gourlay – best writer, least motivated

Sam – best current life situation for material

Tom – Most responsible and the best chance for monetizing the work

It comes down to what should we write about.  It has to be something that we all like.  Sports comes to mind but I’m not sure how we would differentiate from other, better, blogs.  I think a blog based on other people’s Tweets would be pretty cool.  We could post the best tweets and comment on them as well as pick out the funniest comments on them.  Reddit and Facebook could also produce material.  We could almost troll and see what responses we get.  It’d be called Trolling Twitter.

I’m kicking this around because I’m kind of tired of working for nothing.  I’m coming up on 2,000 posts and it’s not so much lack of material as it’s just pointless to keep doing it just for kicks.  I think it would work too because, and I’m guessing here, that if I came up with a post, I could send it to Gourlay who could improve it instead of having to always come up with new material (which is why it seems like you are quitting but correct me if I’m wrong). 

Think about it.  We’d get a new URL and everything and just re-direct current traffic to the new blog.  What traffic do you guys get anyway?  I’m averaging about 400 a day but only 75-100 is direct traffic which is the real number.