I haven’t posted in the past few days because I stopped worrying about work and the blog.  It was a needed break but it didn’t amount to very much in terms of content or even clearing my head.  However, yesterday something did happen that rarely does.

Ck4 Hole in OneOn the 6th hole on the red course at Limekiln, Ck4 hit the perfect shot.  The hole was playing around 110 yards and Evan led off with a wild shot to the right that hit a tree and bounced in the fairway.  Baker than hit a nice shot that didn’t hit the hill of the green or else it would have been a close shot.  Ck4 stepped up to the tee box and hit an arcing shot that was almost perfectly straight.  The ball hit the green, started rolling towards the hole, and we could tell it was close but it was uncertain how close.  Ck4 and Evan started running up to the green to see how close the shot was and that’s when the ball dropped in.  I was still near the tee box so as I saw them running I could see the ball on the hole.  It must have been centimeters on the lip of the hole for the ball to drop but it certainly did.

A 1 was carded and it’s always fun to be present for a hole in one.  Ck4 also dropped a 40 ft putt on 18 to card a 38 back nine which was also pretty darn good.  This was probably the high note of the weekend.  It should be added that we almost didn’t play golf because it rained from 3:30 to 4:30 and we were just waiting for it to clear.  It indeed did clear for the exact time it took us to play golf and before it got dark.  Quite a show.