Who takes these pics of her? A few months ago there was a big disagreement between Pres and Big Cat from Barstool about whether she knew what she was doing when she was posting all her provocative pictures. Pres thought she absolutely was posting pictures to raise the penis and Big Cat said she was just an immature girl. After this last tweet, Big Cat finally gave in.

The one thing to point out about McKalya is that she won silver in vault at the Olympics. This isn’t some bimbo like Kim Kardashian doing this for the attention. This can however be debated. For me it’s half and half. She’s only 18 and is pretty green to the world so I don’t think she knows exactly what she’s doing. On the other hand, she must love the attention because “she keeps throwing haymakers.” Judge for yourself.


A bit low cut



That is a sultry look.


Going with the immature side here.


This is just unfair.


Makes me think she knows what she’s doing.


Haymaker city here.


Why show this much?



Case closed. She knows.