This was an interesting weekend for me that has to result in minor changes.  Whenever people tell me they are changing I always roll my eyes because talk is cheap so I would expect you to do the same.  What happened this weekend that made me come to this realization?  I traveled a spectrum of activity from where I am to where people go.

gambling-addictionWithout being vague, I saw my typical gambling /  drinking weekend turn to what I expected from it.  A lighter wallet, an ill feeling from partying, and a general questioning of what the hell I’m doing time after time.  I’m no spring chicken anymore and I’d say 85% of these weekends result in this sinking feeling.

classic-colonial-50s-homeOn the other hand, I spent my Sunday at a gathering at a person’s house who I respect more with each encounter.  He’s charitable, genuine, and is all about the right behavior.  His life has lead to a gorgeous home in a secluded area and it’s something to marvel at.  It basically made me think that this is an ideal way to end up.

Following this I met with old friends who are married and advancing life in a more conventional approach than the life I lead.  I’m not saying right from wrong but there are destructive vs constructive activities and I think it’s easy to note which ones I partake in.

With those experiences, I woke up this morning and realized I had to change things up because I was stuck in a routine.  A brief change list in bullet format.

  • Instead of going to Dunkin Donuts today, I went to the restaurant across the street.  I ordered a ham and cheese omelette and sat quietly by myself while I chowed down the food.   This cost me $8.86 which differs from the $4.86 at Dunkin but the routine break was worth the 4 dollars.
  • calvinfbI’m going to start reading the WSJ again.  It’s been a while since I’ve had any interest in the financial markets mainly because it’s stressful and difficult to beat.  I believe we are seeing some sort of a bubble again and this could be the perfect time to short the market.  Specifically, Facebook at $75 (100 P/E) is overvalued and feels like a 50 dollar stock to me.  Reading the journal helps you time this better.
  • No more Candy Crush.  This isn’t a big lifestyle change because I only play it while I’m watching TV but losing this is a must.  Complete waste of time.  I also got a new phone and it didn’t save my levels so this makes this was a sign to quit.  I got to 220 or something just in case Sam was wondering.
  • american_goldfinch_glamour12Start reading again.  Laura recommended the Goldfinch so I’ll read that.  I finished all my TV (Fargo, Orange is the New Black) and it’s time to start thinking by reading again instead of thinking visually.
  • Join some groups or classes.  I’m tired of writing that I’m going to learn German or Photoshop.  I’ve made some effort but I’d give myself D’s in both areas.  These are constructive activities.  Maybe I’ll join a running group as well.

So there’s a quick breakdown of what’s going through my brain.  Like I wrote earlier, it’s easy to write about changing but actually doing it is another story.  I’ll keep the blog filled with updates and other posts as typically done over the years.

I also should add that after reading Gourlay’s post about needles and his severe dislike, mine are snakes.  The word sneak is in snake.  Enough said.