I basically beg people to follow my AltNation playlist on Spotify because I consistently add songs to my playlist weeks before they hit the radio full fledged. Either way, I have a lot of time in my life to listen to the radio and have a pretty good handle on new music. I lost it today when I was listening to Radio 104.5 and heard these 3 songs in a row: Pretender by Foo Fighters, Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups, and then Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Here are the years released respectively 2007, 2009, 2006. I’m sorry but this is the worst type of genre for a radio station to play. These songs were popular 5 years ago, we got sick of them when they were popular, and 5 years isn’t enough time to bring them back. I tweeted Radio 104.5.

People like hearing songs that are either 1) New or 2) Old songs that never die. If I ever have to hear Electric Feel one more time I’m jumping into a pool with a TV to get a real electric feel. I know the radio station is limited to what they can play but AltNation on Sirius consistently dominates Radio 104.5 with new music. Which leads me to my next situation.

I’m not sure why stations haven’t pick up Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons but it’s a decent song and from my understanding the first single since Night Visions. I decided to post this on the Alt Nation Facebook page. I tried to use @ImagineDragons and embed the video in the post and it kept coming up saying that it couldn’t be posted. I tried it 5 times with the same message before giving up. Little did I know, it was posting each time. This led to this little back and forth.


Obviously I don’t care about Gina or Oscar but there is a certain satisfaction to fucking with people on the internet. I’m pretty sure there is no downside and unlimited upside. My friend even called me today to discuss my internet tiff which almost made me feel like a real man coming back from a real fight. I’ll continue these shenanigans because they make for good entertainment.