While sitting in my cube for the 27th straight work day, I thought back to my carefree childhood summer days and how I spent my time. For the record I don’t work in a cube and this my 3rd straight work day but I probably haven’t taken a day off since that Center City Sips Wednesday where I got too wasted and couldn’t make it in which was June 12th. Back on topic, when you are that young you don’t realize how good you have it and how you’ll never have it again unless you become a multi-millionaire and you know the answer to that, you can’t. Here is how I spent my days:

Panorama of Maple ManorMaple Manor Swim Club – I think the pool used to open at 10am and we’d get there early and spend the days playing tether ball, eating frozen Snickers, passing the band test to use the diving tank, and other normal outdoor activities. This was the hub of all childhood activity. We could ride our bikes there and it was open the entire day which led to many visits.

sherri4WWF – This is easily one of my weirder memories but I remember leaving the pool early on days to watch the WWF. These were the glory days with Hulk, the Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Jake the Snake, and Rick Rude. Jeff used to love the Big Boss Man. In one of my oddest childhood crushes, I liked Sherri Martell who use to go around with Ted DiBiase and the Macho Man.

Pinky and the BrainCartoons – I used to love Cartoons. Looney Tunes when I was young was my favorite but for this specific time period I remember Animaniacs and Tiny Toons which I loved, Talespin and Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers which I thought were average, and Doug and Hey Arnold on Nick which weren’t on at that time but still classics.

I could add the normal things like Nintendo, bike riding, manhunt, and other normal thing people do but I don’t have much to add.