ee8d8916bbfe1b088d83fc26f1680f0d7feb515be803ce64165ca6d2386f6827If you notice the right twitter feed, I’ve been posting hot pictures of female celebrities.  Now obviously my 44 Twitter followers don’t take much delight in this but I do it mainly so blog visitors get some cheap thrills.  I don’t know if I will continue doing it but I pick the best celeb pics from Reddit.  For what it’s worth, Barstool was about 12 hours behind me posting the Selena Gomez pic.

Building a website exploiting hot female celebs isn’t the best way to gain followers but I think we can all agree that at this point, my material isn’t getting it done.  I’ll take some short cuts along the way if I have to.  This is in no way below me and blog traffic has been steadily climbing after a pull back which is nice to see.  Besides it’s worth a try.

I heard Donald Trump on Howard Stern recently and he said that one of his gifts was being able to find the best out of everything.  Food.  Hotels.  Golf Courses.  Being able to spot the best is a talent.  Hopefully my talent for spotting the best female celeb pics will gain me ultimate creep status.  These girls are getting younger and younger too. Or I’m getting older and older.  I think it’s both.