grammarnazi6Jon, I have no idea whether that title is right or not.  I know Laura hates these type of posts where I write about why no one reads my blog, but she is also going to hate this individual post.  So “Laura Hates These Posts” would be that she hates every one of these type of posts and “Laura Hates These Post’s” would be that she hates individual posts like this.  My best guess is that since the word “these” is used, it has to be the way it is.

On to the main topic.   My analytics said that 384 people visited yesterday.  That’s a lot of people.  This is not saying they reach the home page, but they reach a page on the blog.  Direct traffic is about 100 people a day.   I think that I can call out the people who read this blog:

  • Sam & Gourlay – Fellow website owners and blog enthusiasts.
  • Bud – Long time friend
  • Laura & Brookes – Family
  • Evan & Adam – Work readers
  • Chad & Nikkii – Race buddies
  • Jon – Editor
  • Jeff – Brother

These are people who I am in contact with an can ascertain read the blog.  This is a sausage party with a weird middle.  The other 374 people, where are you coming from?

Spruce Harbor Park OpeningTo also keep Laura happy and produce some content, I went to the Spruce Harbor Park opening last night which is on Spruce and Columbus Blvd.  They sold, my guess, 1,000 tickets to this event for 11 bucks each.  To the right is a nice picture of a happy group during the event.  Only 2 of these people are blog readers.

In other news, I hit this bet last night which shows some uber degenerate coming out in me.



Weekend coming soon.