stressed-simpsonI don’t feel busy. People ask me to do things and I pretty much automatically accept without any understanding which dates I already have booked. I’m making this post 1) because it’s a post 2) because it helps me understand what I have going on. Calenders are for old people. New age people just agree and deliver.

6/25 – Sales trip around Philadelphia selling paint stores our paint scrapers. When I was younger I used to get a little nervous selling but I’m pretty much a seasoned salesperson. That doesn’t mean I can’t be more polished, but I’m way better than I was.
I’m so good at planning that my day will end up in Doylestown for the Tex Mex 5k with Nikkii and Ck4. It’ll be my first race in my lighter shoes so I’m hoping for a good time.  Margaritas afterward.

USA-vs-Germany6/26 – USA game at 12pm and then a party at the Spruce St Harbor Park. I have some German business associates who want to watch the game via Skype but there’s no way I’d give them the satisfaction of watching the game with me if Germany does indeed win.

6/30-7/2 – North Carolina sales trip. Never done it before and it will be a lot of driving. I also intend to golf after visiting companies which will be awesome.

Foreigner_belt7/3 – Steve Miller, Foreigner, and Styx concert with Sam and Alex. I’m not sure anyone knows what to expect. My first feeling is that we’ll bring the median age down by about 20 years but these are the key groups from the ATHF episode and the Foreigner belt.

7/4 – Drive down to DC to celebrate the engagement of Hetrick. Big Hafe will be in attendance and it should be a good time.

tcvsbake7/6 – 2v2 Better Ball tournament.  Sam (not my brother) and I won our first match in 20 holes and I’ve been playing better as of late.  Not great, but better.  If I can get a few rounds in before, I can play better than my 16 handicap.

7/12Phil’s 10k. I’ve been playing more basketball than running so I’m going to have to put in some longer runs to run a competitive time. No expectations at this point.


That’s about everything that I can think of in the next 20 days.  It seems like a decent amount but I’m pretty sure I can fit plenty more into that schedule.  Any suggestions?