Kevin Roper’s Twitter Bio

This is the bio from Kevin Roper’s Twitter account who struck Tracy’s Morgan’s limo on Saturday. Tracy Morgan is in critical condition. It was a 6 car pile up and Morgan’s friend was killed. Kevin Roper may have fell asleep at the wheel after, presumably, not sleeping for 24 hours prior to the crash.
This is what the crash looked like. You can read more about it here.
Tracy Morgan Crash


Be Careful What You Tweet

After I read this, I went back and looked through all my tweets. Social media presents a fascinating perspective that previous generations have never seen. If you crashed into a celebrity 20 years ago, newspapers were the main source of information and the only way they dig up background info was by talking to people who knew you or finding archived documents. Today is drastically different.

This man has a quote in his bio that is relatively harmless until he barrels into a celebrity and kills a person. Should this be used against him? It makes me want to delete every bit of history from every social media site because who knows what the future holds. If I do something unbelievable while drinking, this blog has 5 years of history for people to peruse through and gather a near complete evaluation of me as a person. Is this good or bad and do I care?

Ehhhhh, I don’t know. There are pros and cons like everything else in the world. I like writing what I think and keeping a history book of your life has incredible value because if you don’t, then no one ever knows you even existed. This is not that much of a big deal in the grand scheme of things when considering time but it’s still something. The cons are that there is so much information that if anyone cared enough about my life, they don’t, that they have dirt on me from my honesty. This post is just a reminder of what you already know but don’t usually think about.