mQFoPdTToday the 3 amigos got together at Mad Mexico.  Who you ask?  Sam, Gourlay, and myself are revolutionizing the world with these websites.  Gourlay has jumped on board and purchased a domain name which is a committing step.  Sam and I talk ideas on what works and what sucks.  I’ve always said that the more people that participate, the better.

I think we’ve come a long way.  Sam said tonight that looking back at the old posts is laughable.  They suck.  We obviously haven’t hit that next plateau yet but I think the material being delivered is constantly being upped.  We aren’t the smartest people on the planet but we are honest and have an ability to stick with it.  Persistence is important in any aspect of life.  Life is short but long in the different ways.  Something will come of this….I think.