Top 5 Best Selling NFL Rookie Jerseys

5. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

dukejerseyThird pick of the draft and heading to the lowly Jaguars.  There is really only one reason people care about him though and that’s his super hot girlfriend.  She is so flippin’ hot that I’d buy Bortles Jersey and have Duke on the back of it.  I also give her an incredible amount of credit for finding the guy who went #3 in the draft way before he went 3.  She could have selected from thousands of douchebags and she just happened to land the highest QB in the draft.  Bravo.  NSFW selfie found here.

4. Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings

Teddy_Bridgewater_poses_for_fan_dayTeddy is a big, strong guy, 6-3, 196 lbs, and will have one of the easiest jobs in football…hand the ball to AP.  I personally like the pick because Christian Ponder has proven he can’t throw the ball downfield.  Teddy will hopefully jive with the young Cordarrelle Patterson and the Vikings can maybe get back to the Playoffs that they made in 2012.

3. Jadeveon Clowney, Houston Texans

Jadeveon ClowneySucks being the #1 pick and being over shadowed by personalities and hot topics.  Either way, it takes a special DE to win over the public and that doesn’t happen with a recently drafted player.  Plus there are tons of reports of him not playing hard all the time.   If Clowney isn’t a bust, the Texans D will be scary with Watt alongside.  Without ever seeing Clowney play, I’d guess he’s not going to live up to expectations.

2. Michael Sam, St. Louis Rams

michael-sam-kissI watched the 7th round, 249th pick, Michael Sam press conference today and was disturbed.  The press is so fucking stupid and the questions they asked should be not be allowed.  They’ll ask questions like, “tell us a story of a time you overcame adversity” and “how did you get to be so strong and brave?’  On 85% of the questions, Michael Sam was like “what do you want me to say to your question, this is stupid”.  He was agitated through the entire press conference and I can see why.  I feel bad for the guy because he constantly has to be reminded that what he is doing is unprecedented.  If we were a more intelligent society, we wouldn’t need a Michael Sam press conference.  Let the dude play football, he might not even make the squad.

1. Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns

Johnny Football.  What more is there to write?