spaceoddityI’ve had 2 Spotify coincidences that are unbelievable.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.  Evan sends Jeff and I an email titled, “This is Major Wevs to Stortz Control”.  This is the body.

“Pretty cool vid – last day available.  Apparently Bowie to Bowie only gave him rights for 1 year or something like that.”


The Oddity

So I click on the link in the email and start watching a video by Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity. He’s an actual astronaut who went to space.  All is normal until I hear a repeat of Space Oddity playing through my speakers.  What the fuck is that repeat?  I thought Jeff must have clicked on Evan’s link and I was hearing an echo but I verified that the sound was coming through my speaker.  Much to my amazement, my The Best Of Pink Floyd: A Fool in the Door radio station (best station I’ve ever had on Spotify by the way) started playing Space Oddity.   What.  The.  Fuck.  You are telling me that Spotify started playing the same exact song that I was listening to through a randomly timed link sent by my friend.  The odds to this are astronomical.

The 2nd occurrence came when I heard the song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance on AltNation.  It wasn’t available on Spotify at the time so I listened to the song on YouTube for a while.  The song had 30million views and had been out for over a year.  Well what do you think happened?  Spotify added Stolen Dance to its database.  This is incredible that after a year of not adding the song, they add it 2 days after I notice it isn’t on there.  I should also add that Milky Chance is quite a duo from Germany and worth listening to all of the 4 songs on Spotify. For the lazy and those who don’t have Spotify. Absolutely worth a listen.