So the alcohol has been drained from my body and I feel normal again. A new line “get the poison out” is catching on. I heard it on the Howard Stern show when the creator of the sybian was dirty talking this girl on the sybian and used that line. I also heard it on ESPN so I’m not really sure where it’s origin was but if you come to this blog I’ll try to give my best updates on newest culture trends.

I went to the gym today (but not this morning) and ran 6 miles in 35:15 which was pretty good. I felt really good and could have continued. I don’t know if I would have been able to go the full ten at that pace but I think I’m in line to get there by May. I weighed in at 178 which is still about 5-8 pounds more than my ideal running weight but I know that’s going to be hard to achieve as long as I continue to drink on the weekends. I’m really taking this running as serious as I can because at this age, these are going to be my last few best effort attempts at setting times. Plus it keeps me in really good shape.

My dad is a habitual gum chewer and I pretty much never developed the habit but lately he’s been buying different flavors and I’ve come into contact these past few days. He usually buys the blue trident which I find very off putting but there is this orange and pink flavor that get me hooked. I start off with 2 pieces and they will lose their flavor within one minute. But the geniuses within the Trident gum factory have this planned so you just pop in another piece. 10 minutes later I’ve had 5 pieces and this huge wad of gum in my mouth which I don’t spit out for hours and just keep adding to it with more pieces. I know it’s bad for my teeth but once I get started there is no stopping. I have to go back to the dentist this Thursday which isn’t helping the cause. I have ok teeth, besides the two crowns on my front, and would like to keep them that way so I’m going to have to put an end to this gum popping.

I’ve been playing poker and betting on sports off and on but nothing worth talking about. Rimm (Research in Motion, the people who make Blackberry) has made a comeback from it’s earnings debacle and all my other positions have been stable. I’m actually considering restarting and selling everything and then picking one or two companies I like and then writing covered calls on them. I think this would be more profitable then some of the positions I’m in now. I remember the Shee telling me that you don’t really have to know what you’re talking about when talking finance, you just need to know a couple of buzzwords. Positions are a good one because it’s so broad and sounds like a smart word. Equities is a nifty because any nitwit can invest in stocks but if you are putting your money in equities, whoa nelly, you must know what you are talking about. Just mentioning interest rates and their general effect on the market has credence. With interest rates low and steady it’s not surprising to see more money moving towards the equity markets, now’s a good time to load up on positions. Easy as cake.

If you want to know my schedule and when to check for posts. I’ll usually post late at night on the weekdays so people can check first thing in the morning and see something new. Midday posts are rare but certainly not a never. If things come into my head sometimes I’ll quickly post something. Usually never evening posts and no weekend posts. I still find this as entertaining for me as I hope it is for you. I’m a bit surprised I haven’t heard anything from the quotes of the day, I’ve trying to pick good ones and thought it was a good addition but maybe I was off on that.

I also have a drunk video from Jkash once he gets the right USB cord. The bbm is as follows (I’ve taken excerpts):
Him: I’m mad I started the video late. You were not speaking English for a while before I started it.
Me: Is the vid on your phone or camera cause some have different ports
Him: Phone. I’m not a dumb shit. We have the same phone port. It’s smaller than most.
Nowhere did I imply that he was a dumb shit but my question must have come across, how are you that stupid that you don’t know the difference between a phone and camera USB cord? I didn’t mean it that way but the response was pretty funny.