Nathan Relles and Tom StortzLet me start this post with a big thank you to Nathan Relles who transferred his bib to me and without this kind gesture, you wouldn’t have this blog post.  Thanks Nathan.

A quick thought about me not getting selected to the lottery for the Broad Street Run…it’s absurd.  Complete system failure.  Before the race today I saw men who haven’t seen their penis in ages.  There has to be some restriction to this race (like being able to see your penis).  10 miles isn’t a 5k, not everyone can do it properly.  That aside, onward to the race.

I wrote about how I was feeling before the Broad St Run in this post if you don’t keep up with the blog.  I got an average night’s sleep with Alex calling me at 12:30am after I feel asleep at 11:30pm asking where Sam was.  This wasn’t a big deal except that I had actually fallen asleep and not only did that wake me up but Jeff and company were listening to music which also made sleep challenging.  Either way, my alarm went off at 5am and I sprung to action.  I dropped a deuce, brushed my teeth, showered, and tied my running shoes tight.  I ate one Granola bar and was feeling light on my feet.

bcbsrunI drove and parked in the Wells Fargo Center at around 6am and caught a subway before the lines got crazy.  It’s about a half hour to the starting line so I had a while to kill before the 8:30 start.  I hung around and did some light stretching.  I dropped the kids off at the pool a second time and also was urinating like crazy.  I wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad sign but and didn’t want to cake my pants.  I was herded into the corral and sat through 15 minutes of talking before the race was about to start.

IMG_1431The timer went off and I was using a watch for the first time ever.  I have no problem getting out and fell into a comfortable pace.  My thoughts at this point are that I want to finish the race without caking my pants.  Essentially, put up a respectable time and don’t embarrass yourself.

Through 5 miles I was still feeling good and people weren’t picking me off and I was actually gaining on some people ahead of me which is a great sign.  I was exactly a minute (29:00) under 60 minute pace at the 5 mile which pretty much assured that I was going to finish OK.  Considering the fact I still felt good, I was in high hopes.  I got to 7 miles which is what I wrote in the last entry was my do or die point with regards to time.  Amazingly I didn’t exactly do either and stayed at 6 minute pace.  I had virtually no kick and finished at 59:08 which I’m pretty happy with but it was about 30 seconds slower than last year.  My splits were 5:49, 5:45, 5:50, 5:50, 5:43, 6:03, 5:56, 6:00, 6:03. 6:03.  Without being a track expert, you can see that I lost touch at the 6 mile mark and I can’t really remember what happened because I didn’t feel lousy.

Overall I lived up to my own expectations and actually felt very good throughout.  I needed a few more longer runs during training if I was going to improve upon last year which is seemingly my peak.  I lacked finishing speed but my preparation was excellent as I felt like a million bucks throughout the race .  Overall though I had a good time and I’m glad I did it once again.  I hope everyone else who did the run and reads this post enjoys it too.


My Broad St Run performance

My Broad St Run performance