BroadStreetRunThis weekend leading up to the Broad St Run has been difficult.  Normally I’m guzzling down beers with the everybody else but this weekend I stayed completely sober.  The difficulty lied in the fact there was so much going on this weekend that it was nearly impossible not to have a good time.  I strategically planned out a settled weekend and stuck to my gameplan.

I slept in Upper Dublin on Friday night because I was playing in a Golf Tournament that was using a Stableford scoring system.  What Golf Tournament you may ask?  I spent 50 bucks to join an association that plays at Center Square which I was made aware of by Sam Levin.  I woke up early on Saturday and had breakfast with my mom before I went over to the course.  I had an awful round just a week ago so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I hit a few balls and felt OK but certainly wasn’t impressive.  I stepped up to the first tee and felt a bit of nerves for some unbeknownst reason.  I eyed up the ball and took my back swing just thinking that I hope I made contact.  My downswing brought about a huge topper that went 50 yards and I was off.

18262The round went well and I finished with an 85 from the whites at Center Square which sounds better than it really is.  I was all over the place and finished just out of the money with a +18 in the stableford scoring.  They factor in my 16 handicap and you get -2 for D bogey, -1 for a bogey, +1 for a par, +2 for a birdie, and +4 for D birdie.  I actually birdied a hole which translated to a double and is why my score was so good.  +21 won it.

After golf I returned home and took a nap while my friends and siblings were drinking.  I woke up, ate some pizza, and then hung around with more people.  It is somewhat odd not drinking because I have no difficulty interacting with people and probably do a better job to the point that I have no reason to ever drink.  Sure it’s not as fun, but it’s good to talk to people sober just so I remember how to do it.  At 10:43 currently, everyone has gone out for the night and I’m sitting at my computer blogging.

My goal tomorrow is sub-60 minutes.  I’m pretty confident I’m in sub 60 shape but I haven’t gotten the long runs in I would have liked to.  This means that I will be under pace at 7 miles and either I’ll have it or I won’t.  I feel pretty good though with no major injuries.  I tried to do everything right leading up to the race and if all goes well, hopefully I beat last years time of 58:45.  We will see.  Well I’m going to polish the bed post before I go to bed.  Just kidding, you never change the oil pre race.  It’s like losing power.

Polishing the Knob