chucknorris1Top bloggers (not me) recognize that what they write needs to draw attention.  This can be done by exaggerating a situation and thus making it funny.  Nobody cares if you have a bad day.  Someone may care if you have a day worse than Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  This concept doesn’t come without some drawback though because you start to turn into the Boy Who Cried Wolf and what you say starts to lose its punch.  Either way, The Pres from Barstool has mastered this art.

I’ve actually stopped reading Barstool as much as I did because it has gotten so convoluted with material.  I’ve basically narrowed my reading to what Mo and Smitty say from Philly and the Pres.  There is no doubt that the Pres is the finest blogger that Barstool has and it’s not surprising he is the creator.  The Pres has learned how to exaggerate commonplace thoughts into Earth shattering stories.  He refers to himself as a Mogul which should give you an idea of how highly he thinks of himself.  With that quick back drop on the Pres, here are some tweets to help understand his mantra behind catching eyeballs.


Some Pres Tweets

Here is an example of the Pres taking a popular, polarizing figure and finding something so absurd and turning into a power move.


Every at bat? Hitting balls to the moon?


Of all time?

The Pres has developed this persona that he has to be bigger than life. I personally think it’s great as long as you know it’s a schtick. Guys like this can come off as douche bags if you aren’t understanding that they are making normal things interesting with text.