I got a text today that asked if I agreed that Gourlay was a good writer. I pondered for a moment but wasn’t sure how to answer. My initial thought was to answer the question with, “yes, he’s a good writer”.

Forrest-Gump-i-am-not-a-smart-manGourlay’s Goodies is worth checking into if you read both Sam and my blog with frequency. It’s an extremely valuable addition to what Sam and I have been working on for years because it adds more content to refer to. It’s technically producing this post right now. I want to give a more critical response to the question posed in the beginning with regard to the material already produced.

For whatever reason, whenever I read Gourlay’s words in the blog, I imagine Gourlay speaking it. It feels to me like I’m reading a guy who’s mind is thoughtful rambling. I envision Gourlay getting an idea in his head and then rapidly typing thought after thought hoping to strike gold at the end.  It’s like “maybe I’ll get there, maybe I won’t, but something is going to be created either way.”   I’d be curious to know how long it takes Gourlay to compose each post. I should add that this in no way detracts from the quality of the post.

futurama-fry-meme-generator-not-sure-if-smart-person-or-troll-eb4ad6With that thought in mind, Gourlay’s Goodies draws a fine line between brilliance and “what the fuck did I just read”. I’ll find myself amused while I’m reading, come to the end of the post, then wonder did I come out of that post with anything except for spending a minute reading.

That’s why I also claim that maybe this is the next Shakespeare in the making.  His work is so far above me that I’m not able to grasp its excellence.  I know this may be far fetched but stay with me here.  Here is a quick example of a picture that he drew and posted about a theory to injure yourself when you are 18 to make you want to exercise when you get healthy:

20140416-131705I was going to make a comment on it like “dude, at least center the thing in the camera” and then I thought to myself that I shouldn’t be critical because maybe this is next level shit. This could have been done in Paint or Shop and produced at a higher quality but the crudeness of the work and then the off center aspect is all part of its beauty.

800px-Schimpanse_zoo-leipigOr he could just be a full blown retard monkey spewing words on a website. That’s still up for discussion and probably what I’m leaning towards.  Now I just have to get him to invest in a website and install an actual theme to bring him full circle to owning and maintaining his own website.  Most bloggers don’t get past 2 weeks and Gourlay is staying strong at day 19.  I have hope.