youaretheproblem-586x250You are the reason for your misfortunes.  The person who is overweight does not eat or exercise properly.  The person who is poor doesn’t work hard enough.  The person who has no friends is probably a dick.  This is obviously not an all encompassing statement but a general lack of responsibility for what happens to you during your life is incredible.  This isn’t Kenya where you grow up with a stick house and a cheetah in your back yard.  The United States is the greatest country for its equality but it is also bringing us down with lack of  accountability for an individual.  You don’t want to work and have 8 children?  No worries, the government will make sure you survive.  If people didn’t have such a feeling of entitlement, we’d work harder and get more shit done.  I know this is going to sound lame but lack of education is a major root of this problem.



The penalties for not having health insurance.

The penalties for not having health insurance.

Obamacare is the biggest racket going on currently.  I want to explain my “best” options for health insurance available to me currently.  I can get the IBX bronze plan for around $230 dollars a month.  This plan comes with a $3,000 deductible which means that I’m responsible for all costs up to $3,000 dollars before the insurance kicks in.  Think about that for a minute.  I give IBX over $2,500+ a year for virtually no coverage, UNLESS I’m lucky enough that  a catastrophe strikes and I only have to pay $3,000 dollars to get my head sewn back on.  If I choose NO coverage (which is essentially what I’m paying for), I get fined by the government.  Seriously, there are a few benefits of the insurance like a physical and some contacts, but this isn’t far off.  This is a complete bend over and there is no lube being used.



listenerSam wrote a post about music and questioning why certain people like music that for lack of a better term, sucks.  Gourlay wrote, ““No one person’s music is better than any other person’s music. You like your music, I like mine… Arguing whether one artist is better than another or one type of music is better than another is stupid.”  Let me start by saying that I agree with the last sentence and that everyone is entitled to like what they like.  However, the bottom line is that many people not only like, but prefer shitty music.  There are a lot of facets to music that makes it better than others.  Music is combination of all factors (lyrics, instruments, band appeal) and the artists that are the best, score the highest in all aspects.  The final, and in my mind most pertinent, reason on how to judge how good music is TIME.  Katy Perry won’t be relevant 25 years for now (for Christ sake I hope not)  whereas I listened to Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits the other day.  This is personally why that even though I think I listen to high quality music, I hate being the DJ because as stated in Sam’s post and stated by Gourlay, “it’s impossible to please everyone.”


Being an Asshole

funny-cat-fight“Richard, I need you to stop being such a pussy and start being an asshole.”  It’s important to strongly disagree.  There are too many confrontational viewpoints that eventually something will strike you as completely wrong.  Maybe it’s the government or some asshole who deserves a punch in the face, but if you never feel strongly about anything, than you go through life without making an impact.  The older you get the less you start caring what people think about you.  You realize that you live one life and what happens, happens.  Nobody else cares about your life more than you.  Most people only think about their own life which in turn should show you how much you should care about what others think.  Society has turned us into a huge bunch of pussies where every kid gets a medal and this is going to allow other countries to trample us.  For the benefit of mankind, tell someone to fuck off.