Nikki Minaj ClothesI was playing golf this weekend and had an hour to kill before the tee time. I was in Pottstown and went to the outlets which aren’t exactly “outlets” because of their pricing but have a lot of big name stores like Nike, Polo, and Calvin Klein. I was specifically looking for non-khaki or black pants and running nylon pants. I also would have bought a new collared golf shirt if it caught my eye. The thing was, I hated everything. I’d walk into a store and walk out within 1 minute because I disliked everything they were selling. This wouldn’t be blog worthy if I didn’t share the same experience with 95% of the stores.

My problem with the apparel these stores are peddling is that they blast their name all over the product. Under Armour had pants that had the words Under Armour all up the side of the leg in size 150 font. I’m not wearing that. First of all, it’s uncomfortable because it differs from the regular fabric. Second, it looks ridiculous. All I want are my clothes to look plain and normal. My favorite shirt is a an all blue collared shirt that says Calvin Klein hidden behind the neck and no where else on it. I suppose these stores put their logos on their clothes so other people can identify who makes the clothes, but there is a cost to this.

nogo-logo-5A good idea for a company is to be Nogo and have no logo. Everything is plain and I think people would respond to this. No human wants to be known as a walking billboard. Towards the end of my shopping experience I was shaking my head at virtually ever article I came into contact with. Am I the only one who feels this way?