You don’t ponder the answer to questions that have fact answers. If someone asks you how big a t-rex is, you don’t ponder for the answer, you think about it. You do ponder events that are incalculable. Things that pertain to the future like new ideas or other opportunities. College is a good time to do your pondering. You don’t have many expenses and you are learning things that are supposed to interest you. Plus you are young enough that if things don’t feel right, you can just change your path. At 26, there is no more pondering. I am in it at this point, neck deep. I didn’t spend 5 years learning the family business to sketch out and try something else. If I don’t like it or selling the product doesn’t interest me, too bad. However, even though realistically it is difficult for me to change courses, I still do brainstorm ways of making a living through different business ventures and today I will give a couple examples (some I’ve probably written about before but just skip it if you’ve read it)

  • This is by far my favorite but I like the idea of a beer distributor with scantily clad females to lure in the overweight drunkard men. This works on so many levels. First off, I would import hundreds of different labels from different breweries. Then I’d get to sample them all and form opinions on each one. I could document this in a database and it would become the bible of the store. You could categorize different selling points (price, type, brewer) of the beer, have the customers enter preferences and it could pick a beer that would work to their needs. I know beer and I would be a great salesman for it and the girls wearing nothing would be the main attraction. They could take shifts between standing on a platform and working the register. I could charge a mark up on the beer too because people wouldn’t mind coming to my place because it’s first class. Probably have some big screens there too so when people go to get more beer during halftime, they don’t miss anything. I would also compliment it with an illegal fireworks line. I’d call it “boobs, beers, and blasts.”

    Next idea is a driving range bar.

  • Whenever I go to the range I feel like I just speed through a bucket and then leave. I want to go to a place where I can get a drink, watch the game, and then hit a few balls in between commercials. The best part is the set up of the range. I’d have moving targets moving back and forth between the range and anytime someone hit it they’d get a free drink. I’d set up a mini golf course that had contests going off every hour or two. Drunk people love to gamble and people would be challenging each other to mini golf all the time. My plan for the mini golf would be an 18 story building with a hole on each level. People love heights and you could make some seriously wild holes if you had a level for each hole. Once they get up 18 stories they have get to zip line down to the ground level. It’d be called the bar on the range.
  • I want one utensil. One. I would like to say it self cleans but you’d probably have to manually clean it after each use. It would sort of be a spork but longer and be able to perform all three things that spoons, forks and knives do. Here’s a picture:
    I named it the tri-eat because it does 3 things and it would be such a treat to have. I’m sure some are concerned about the serrated moving blades that cut right through steak but it’s made with the latest nano technologies and can sense when they are going to enter your mouth. This is a pretty nifty and sophisticated device, I feel that is pretty evident from the intricate detail of the drawing. If you want one just let me know and I’ll put together some pricing depending on what demand I’m looking at.

    I could come up with ideas all day and night. How many of them are actually plausible is a different story. I tend to violate laws of physics and codes of conduct when I brainstorm. If any of these ideas come to fruition, I want a piece.