The Plan

I was driving and I saw a police car sitting in a parking lot unattended.  An idea popped into my mind of hurling a rock through its windshield.  If you’re curious why this was my first instinct, you’ll have to take it up with the therapist I don’t have.  My brain started thinking of how it would actually happen and this is what I came up with:

cracked-windshield-repair1) Park the car on the side of the street – witnesses a plenty

2) Find a big rock – I assume this wouldn’t be that hard but most likely would foil the plan

3) Hurl aforementioned rock at front windshield

4) Escape in car


Further Thought

Seems simple enough.  Then I started thinking that if I was really serious about performing such an act, I probably should have covered my license plate and wore a mask at least until I got about a mile or two away from the scene.   If my car did happen to be caught on camera, I wouldn’t want to get caught once the policemen returned and called in this incident.  If it wasn’t caught on tape, I think you’d get away scot-free.

police_inspectionFor the fun of it, let’s say my act was spotted by a witness and they informed the officer that I was driving a gray Acura but did not get the license plate.  Now there is an alert out for anyone driving a gray Acura.  Assume this is a big ordeal in the police universe and they set up a perimeter and stopped me with no real evidence against me.  Could they catch me by questioning me and monitoring how I behaved?

I know that was a long winded scenario but I think the question posed is interesting.  I obviously know I did it when I’m stopped but can’t lead on in anyway.  Now if I knew nothing, I’d act just like I knew nothing and there would be no acting.  Sounds simple except since I know I did it, will I still act the same way as the truth acting I wrote about in the last sentence?  I’m not so sure.

go-to-jailIf I didn’t do it and then I start trying to duplicate those answers while knowing I did do it, the task got one step more complicated.  The more complicated things are, the better chance they fail.  For some reason there is some unexplained paranoia that I wouldn’t be able to act the same way in both situations.  Something would slip.  Being thoughtful and smart for yourself in this instance is doing the opposite of how you want to act (telling the truth that you did it) and this will be a focal point in my next post.  I’m setting up that post with this one.  Pretty advanced I know.  By the way, I didn’t follow through on my plan.