twitter-popularThis is going to sound shallow but a sense of popularity can be determined by how many followers you have.  It must be understood that the word popularity actually means reach in the e-world.  The more followers you have, the bigger the reach, and thus the more impact you make.  Many people will say they don’t care about such a thing, but many people also don’t have many followers.

I try hard to gain followers through Twitter.  It’s not my #1 priority in life, but I’ll make a conscious effort if I find something humorous or witty to share it with whoever it pertains to.  Twitter followers don’t happen naturally.  You have to work for them and from my experience, getting re-tweets, not favorites, is key.  Here are some examples of failed efforts.


Failed Twitter Examples

Wawa Tweet

Wawa Tweet














Wawa actually favorited this tweet.  With 31k followers, you would think this would get me 1, it didn’t.


SomeKindaWonderful Tweet

If you follow the blog, you know I’ve been pumping the song Reverse by SomeKindaWonderful.  This tweet got 2 re-tweets and 4 favorites and resulted in 0 followers.  Song of the Year is probably an exaggeration.


 WIP Host Tweet

Brian Haddad is the late night WIP host from 10pm to 2am.   I decided to send this comment and he actually read it on the air at around midnight.  This resulted in 1 follower which was a huge boost.


Facebook Alt 18 Comment

Here is one more Facebook interaction that was the Alt18 (top 18 Alt songs of the week) that developed into nothing.













What To Do?

I don’t know.  I’ve been working for nothing for so long that being unable to get followers seems to come with the territory of being a nerdy blogger.  Either way I’m going to keep on trying and we’ll see what happens.  It’d be nice if this blog could produce but the analytics are so misleading that even though 600+ people come to the site a day, the last video I posted had 12 views!  It pretty much shows no one reads or watches anything.


Mark looking for butthole.

There is one thing on Twitter though that I must share because it was probably the funniest tweet I’ve read in a long time.  Sam’s friend Mark tweeted this (I can’t embed the Tweet for some unknown reason) “It is wildly know that the interestingness of an animal is proportional to how difficult it is to figure out where its butthole is“.

Where to begin?  First off, wildly know is so similar to widely known that I wasn’t exactly sure if this was on purpose.  Wildly know though is pretty fucking funny.  Next, interestingness isn’t a word.  That’s funny.  Finally, how fascinating an animal is depends on how concealed its butthole is?  This floored me.  Is this really that much a mystery?  What types of animals is he referring to?  Your guess is as good as mine but A+ tweet from MarkMustache.