miserable-3What I claimed was a solar plexus injury is actually a rib injury. I haven’t been able to do anything but walk and sit the last week and life is borderline awful. I hate not being able to work out and I’m still not recovered. I can’t sleep on my side and even trying a slow jog still hurts. Deep breaths are not happening either. All in all this injury has been a nightmare.

This is why sports teams don’t want players in their 30’s. Now in no way am I an athlete but it’s a constant battle staying healthy. I have these races coming up that I train for and as I’m getting into good shape, I get hurt. It completely curtails training and then I can’t achieve the results I expect out of myself. I haven’t been able to do anything active for a full week and that kills any longer runs I put in the week previously. Back to square 1. This is a clear vent post but as I’ve said many times in this blog, being injured is a horrible thing that can happen to a human.