I forgot that I was supposed to post this. On Friday we were going to drive to the driving range. So it was Chad, his brother Jon and myself. They both have black Nissan Altimas. So Jon was going to drive and I went to get into the back seat. I open the front door and pull the lever back but the seat is only sliding forward. So Jon’s in the front seat looking at me like I’m a retard and I’m staring right back at him like he’s retarded because his car is retarded. Turns out his is a sedan w/ doors and Chad’s is a coupe. So after some humiliation and them laughing at me because I was a sped, live moves on.

Just cruising topics. Now that’s it’s nice out, people start to run outside more. Understand I am completely for any and all exercise. I don’t care if your fat, stumpy, fugly, it doesn’t really matter the effort of actually doing it is what really counts. That being said, why do I see so many out of shape people. I just can’t understand how people let themselves go like that. It really isn’t that hard. I can’t imagine everyone is so busy that they can’t find one hour a day to put in some cardio and some lifting. You only have one body so you should pretty much take care of it. I abuse the hell out of with alcohol but I put in my time on the weekdays. There is a balance to everything.