I’ve been running hot in just about everything lately. The last two days I’ve bet on Brandon Lang’s free picks and both covered netting me 55 bucks. Then tonight I played 2 poker tournaments a 16 dollar sng and a 12 dollar 180 man and I happened to win both netting about 630. I just ran like a god in the 180 man with some decent play accompanying it. Seriously the game is so much luck that when I think I’m playing bad and I lose, compared to how well I ran tonight to win. Also we had a big day in business today and I expect the new website to boost sales throughout 10′. Plus the market has been on a heater and I’ve been making some decent cash there. This is far different than the feeling that transpired throughout all of 08 and 09 where shit was just hitting the fan. Any money that I am making now is just replacing the money I lost over the past years. I have high hopes for the next couple days because good vibes make good things happen. That is the secret (it’s a book not a real secret).

Not to mention I ran 6 miles at 5:50 pace which is getting me closer to broad street shape. I’m way ahead of my shape that I was in last year at this point in time and my new goal is to place in the top 100. I’m sacrificing going to my brothers graduation for this race so there’s some added pressure to do well (not really). He doesn’t care though I’d suspect. As a human being, things that are important to some people just don’t mean anything to me. I think I was born without a sentimental value or without all my emotions in check. Important things like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are all just … lets get them over with and move on.

You can despise me for bragging once again. My next goal to make happen is getting this website to generate more traffic. I don’t care about the notoriety but more so the challenge of putting content people care about and visit because they think it’s a worthwhile read. I understand completely that this post makes me come off as a pompous ahole but this is an overview of my life as I see it and the truth is what I tell.