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Queen of Sports

Criticizing Erin Andrews?

I had a sneaking suspicion that men don’t respect female sports reporters but I can’t believe how stupid some people can be.  Kevin Harlan, I guy I’ve never heard of before, called her reaction to the Richard Sherman interview, “drama queenish”.  It’s worth watching the interview because she did nothing even close to inappropriate and the network cut it because they were worried Sherman was going to explode.

[blockquote source=”Kevin Harlan”]

“I don’t know if she was unprepared, her reaction was more about her than the guy,” Harlan said. “It was very odd. If you go back and look at that interview, her reaction was more like drama queenish.”

“If Michelle Tafoya or someone like that were interviewing, I can’t help believe that she wouldn’t have asked the appropriate followup and been a little bit more composed,” Harlan added. “Whereas the gal that was asking the questions was almost like she was on a stage. It wasn’t about her, it’s all about him, and the more I think about it, the more irritated I get.”



What were you thinking?

erinandrewsI’m aware this story is almost 2 weeks old and Kevin Harlan has since apologized 3 days ago, but what is Kevin Harlan thinking?  His jealousy is being presented by dissing Erin Andrews like she’s an amateur?  Based on the weak minded comments, she’s obviously more professional than Kevin Harlan.  His stupidity is probably the most national attention he’s ever received which would have been a good career move if he’s that smart.

I read an Elle interview with Erin and I will fully admit this is probably the first article I’ve ever read in a magazine geared to females.  Erin Andrews as a topic can make that happen.  The Elle article commented on some fashion topics like the ring Erin wore for the Superbowl and how she chose her Superbowl outfit (don’t pick the colors of either team), but it also gave insight to her as a person. She has a clear head on her shoulders and this specific comment gives an idea on how she is perceived.

[blockquote source=”Erin Andrews”]It is funny when people say, “Oh, she got the job because of the way she looks” or “Why does she have to be so dolled up?” Because I’m a female, and I want to look nice. I’m not going to stop looking a certain way. It’s entertainment; it’s part of the whole job. When I’m not on camera, I’m in a pair of Lululemon spandex and a Lululemon hoodie jacket. Seriously. It takes a lot for me to even put on makeup when I’m not on camera.[/blockquote]


Queen Andrews of USA

She’s a regular girl who does a good job and she looks good doing it.  To think that she doesn’t know sports because she is a female is ridiculous.  I know dozens of guys who know nothing and pretend they do which are probably the idiots ragging on female reporters..  She knows exactly what she is doing and she’s doing it well.  Plus the obvious fact that she’s smoking hot helps.  Why are people ragging her when they should be kneeling down to her.  Obviously I’m not the first person to come to this conclusion considering she worked the Superbowl but why anyone would  have qualms with Erin Andrews is beyond me.  Yes, it took a peep video to get her to the highest rung, but sometimes bad publicity is the best publicity.